Dream Recorder

The independent developer for the emotional experience of everyone.


Outside the school, these guys met. Their relation had been changed in years, and turned into more than three love stories.

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Endless Orange

Come up and compare with your buddies for who can make more oranges.

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Free Diva

You want to play a specific rhythm game, but there is no Play Station, Nintendo Switch or even an Nvidia graphic card and you do not want to cost about 30 min at MTR to reach an arcade.

This is what you should select.

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Dream Recovery

The independent operator for the freedom of everyone.


Another Saying Provider, yet.

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Telegram bot to make your life at Shenzhen University easier.

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IP Network

Independent network for the freedom and privacy.

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Troll 的要点在于用少量成本快速激怒对方,让对方花费大量时间精力和情绪来处理那些 troll 随手打的模板化发言。把对方拉到和自己一样的水平用丰富的经验打败对方。 我认为现在政府有意识地采用这种思路,将有价值的讨论拖垮成简单的骂战。

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